Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 11 Issue 5

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8 – Gallery – Reader’s images from around the globe! Got a shot of you in action? Send it through to [email protected]

12-13 – Local Load outs – Send in your load out to earn your place within the pages of Airsoft International! Turn to Page 14 for more information.

16-19 – Site Report – We return to Free Fire Zone at Bulby Woods to find out how things are going at this established woodland site.
22-27 – KRYPTEK MANDRAKE – New gear in this exciting pattern is the name of the game and we gear up with help from Military 1st.
28-30 – BodgeUps Airsoft – If you’ve not seen this guys youtube channel, you are missing out. Our interview with the best airsoft sniper on the ‘net!

34-35 – Ai500 – Find out how to get involved in our biggest game this year – SPACES LIMITED – ACT NOW TO SECURE YOUR SPACE!

38-39 – Bagged & Tagged – Military 1st help us showcase a great selection of luggage products to help you get your show on the road.

40-41 – AMERICAN SNIPER – We break down the kit you have seen on the big screen to help you recreate your own collection!

42-43 – VIPER SPEC OPS CHEST RIG – Viper Tactical hit us with another awesome gear update, this time in the shape of a high speed low drag chest rig.

44 – WE SCAR H GBBR – We preview the new gas blowback SCAR-H from WE Airsoft Europe.

48-50 – Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical – We revisit this revolutionary shotgun platform 2 years on to find out how it fares in the long-run.

52-54 – WE KATANA RAPTOR – WE’s Katana system makes for interesting and adaptable M4 AEGs, so we look inside to find the strengths and weaknesses.

56-57 – THE L85 – Following on from lasts month’s piece on how much better airsoft guns are these days, Frenchie reviews something from days gone by.

58 – Staff Shooters – Something a bit different this time round. It’s not a gun but it could well be the most dangerous weaponry in the armoury.

62-67 – Tried and Tested – Every month we test a selection of kit to let you know what’s hot and what’s not!

70-71 – Firing Point – Us airsofters are pretty good at complaining, we’ll even complain about having a choice, Frenchie takes a deep breath and wonders if we should all just consider ourselves lucky?

72-73 – Project Charlie – Jay forges on with his crazy creation. Find out how the Carl Gustav is coming on.

75-80 – SCAR-H DMR – Part three of our guide on upgrading the Tokyo Marui SCAR-H to pack a mighty punch!

82-83 – Comms Check – The perennial question about radios is which ones to buy and will they all work together. Check out this feature to answer the basics.

84 – Reader Offer – Snag a bargain with our Reader Offers. Check back every month for new deals!

86 – French Letter – This month Frenchie discusses the hot topic of Chronos, why they vary and how we should take this into account.



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