Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 11 Issue 13 – The Division

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It’s here! Airsoft International Volume 11 Issue 13 is on sale and available now, jam packed with awesome stuff including a review of the Krytac LVOA-C from Warsport, RWA’s Agency Arms Urban Combat and also, the cover featured load out from Tom Clancy’s The Division!

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9 – ON THE COVER – Something caught your eye? Find out what you need to add to the shopping list here.

12-13 – GALLERY – Your images of games and capers from around the world. Sed your own snaps to [email protected]

16-17 – TEAM SCENE – Hard-hitting mil-sim operators or just a loose group of good mates having a great  time. Real airsofters having real fun!

22-29 – THE DIVISION – AGENT – To celebrate the exciting new Ubisoft RPG, we have pieced together an Agent load out but pinched every penny along the way.

32-33 – TAG! YOU’RE IT! – Phil B. takes a look at the exciting new grenade system from TAG that’s shaking up the 40mm launcher.

34-35 – MIL-SIM vs SPEEDSOFT – As the divide between two factions within airsoft grows, Jacob ponders the merits of each.

36-37 – NUPROL BOCCA RAILS – Great new rail systems from Nuprol that pack high quality and affordable price tags. Get one on your gun!

40-43 – RWA AGENCY ARMS URBAN COMBAT – Feast your eyes on the beauty of the RWA Agency Arms Urban Combat Glock 17 kit. Check out our review inside.

46-48 – ONE RIG TO RULE THEM ALL – The Mayflower R&C Gen. V. chest rig is reviewed, could it be the last rig you’ll ever need?

50 – SNUGPAK SQUADPAK – Get your gear together at the game or on your commute with this ultimate man-bag.

52-55 – KRYTAC WARSPORT LVOA-C – Another M4 AEG but the first licensed full rifle from Krytac. Is it up to the hype?

58-59 – AI500 OPERATION: TITAN – Last call to find out more about the Ai500 and get your spot secured!

62-63 – SLIP ’N’ SLIDE – PTS unleash some awesome Glock slide upgrades to update your basic blaster. Give them some love!

66-67 – WORKSHOP – Battery tech is analysed in this month’s regular article. Are you getting the most out of your gun with your power supply?

70-71 – FIRING POINT – With airsoft under the legislative spotlight, is it time that we started unifying and understanding power output a bit better?

75-79 – DEVIL IN THE DETAILS – We upgrade the awesome ASG M40A3 spring sniper rifle to get it reaching right out there. Find out how, step-by-step.

80-81 – LOCK ’N’ LOAD – Speed up your skills with this brief guide to slings and holsters. It’s more than just plastic and straps!

86 – READER’S LETTER – Your chance to vent some frustration and voice an opinion so take a stand and make yourself heard!


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