Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 11 Issue 12

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Airsoft International Magazine Volume 11 Issue 12 has finally landed and it’s a meaty one! Loads of reviews and an all-new, in-depth revisitation of the infamous Lone Survivor kit. This is NOT one to be missed!

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9 – ON THE COVER – Something caught your eye? Find out what you need to add to the shopping list here.

12-13 – DREAM COME TRUE – A Chilean airsoft team makes an important connection with former members of Poland’s GROM unit.

16-17 – LOCAL LOAD OUTS – All the way from Mexico comes this fully functional load out. Check out how they roll down in Mexico City!

22-29 – LONE SURVIVOR – We revisit this hugely popular load out and analyse the kit, the mission and the hardware in more depth than ever.

32-33 – TO PAINT OR NOT TO PAINT – Slapping a lick of paint on your prized possession can be a nerve-wracking moment. Phil B. explores some of the options.

34-35 – LICENSED TO KILL – Just what does “officially licensed” mean and why should you even care? Get inside the industry with this insight!

40-43 – TOKYO MARUI AA12 – it’s big, it’s dumb and its tonnes of fun. Leave your prejudices at the door and let rip with TM’s latest beast!

44-45 – BETTER HOLSTER – A little DIY project to enhance your holster. Get that drop-leg higher on your belt for a better draw and more security.

48-50 – ASG CZ75 SHADOW SP-01 – A thoroughbred target gun for those practical pistol shooters out there. Does it hit the spot?

52-55 – ICS CAPTAIN UK1 – Stockless M4s seem to be all the rage so ICS have joined the party with this addition to their CXP range.

58-59 – BANG ON TREND – Our resident GearMonkey investigates the phenomena of trends in airsoft and the impact it has on the ground.

62-64 – TRIED AND TESTED – From new to old, we run a new selection of kit through the ringer to let you guys know how it performs.

66-67 – WORKSHOP – You’ve heard the rumours, you’ve heard the claims but is the R-Hop all it’s cracked up to be? This is how to do the mod.

70-71 – FIRING POINT – You’re free, to do whatever you want within reason… And many do. We explore the diversity of airsoft.

75-79 – DEVIL IN THE DETAILS – We upgrade the awesome ASG M40A3 spring sniper rifle to get it reaching right out there. Find out how, step-by-step.

80-81 – THE HK 416 – It’s the gun of the moment so we take a step back and ask just what makes the HK416 so special?

86 – READER’S LETTER – Your chance to vent some frustration and voice an opinion so take a stand and make yourself heard!


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