Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 11 Issue 10

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Airsoft International Volume 11 Issue 10 is on sale now and packed with awesome airsoft content!

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9 – Gallery – Reader’s images from around the globe! Got a shot of you in action? Send it through to [email protected]

12-13 – Ready Room – Teams from around the world assemble to show of their gear kit and organisation!

16-17 – Local Load Outs – Real readers, real kit. You send in what you run and tell us how you run it!

22-29 – KIT UP – Met. Police Counter Terrorism Special Firearms Officers – We get the looks on a budget.
32-33 – Upgrades, is it worth it? – Phil B. once again ponders something we might take and do for granted.

34-35 – Warrior DCS – The budget friendly plate carrier that’s an ideal first buy, but with the quality to make it the last you’ll ever need.

36-37 – How To… Build your load out right with our simple guide to getting your gear in the right places.

40-45 – Gear Zone – Nuprol’s new range of internal upgrades is unleashed! Check them out for all your tuning and repair needs!

48-50 – KTM MWS M4A1 – Tokyo Marui finally unveil their long awaited first GBBR. Does it live up to the hype though?

52 – 54 – Ace1 Arms G19 Tier 1 Kit – An upgrade kit to enhance your Glock 19, Salient Arms style. Find out more inside.

56-57 – Long live the load out! – Gear Monkey ponders what’s changed in airsoft fashion over the last decade.

58 – Staff Shooters – Our 552 replica bit the dust! Find out about the carnage and read our homage to the beloved Eotech!

62-63 – Intelligent Armour CT Belt – Finally a belt that gives you the capacity without the bulk! Find out about this hardcore kit!

64-67 – Tried and Tested – We try before you buy! Every month we test out bits and pieces to let you know what’s worth the money.

70-71 – Firing Point – Protect ya’ Neck! We discuss the idiotic prospect of attempting to defend your home with an airsoft gun.

75-80 – Spectre V2 – We install the ultimate recoil upgrade in this bumper sized how-to guide!

86 – Reader’s Letter – Write in with your views and be in with a chance to win a fun prize from AiHQ!


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