Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 10 Issue 8

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Ai Volume 10 Issue 8 is available to buy, featuring our reader’s favourite SBS load outs. Don’t miss out!

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Page  8-12 – Gallery – Your images from skirmish fields around the world!

Page 14-17 – Skunkworks Interview – Meet the man on a budget, the guy behind the DIY minigun!

Page 18-19 – Friendly Fire – Find out how to win £500 with your customised gun!

Page 20-21 – New Year, New Gear – Find out what some major industry players have planned for you in 2015

Page 24-26 – Ready Room – Teams from around the world form up and show us what they have got!

Page 28-29 – Local Load Outs – Your gear under the spotlight. Show us what you play in!

Page 32-35 – Game Report – The Bolsheviks hit BlueStreak airsoft for some Russian action!

Page 38-39 – Red Dot Evolution – How the ubiquitous red dot sight came to be and how it ended up as it is today.

Page 42-51 – SBS – The Battle of Qala-I-Jangi – A classic load out revisited and re-photographed with some in-depth info in the mission!

Page 54-58 – Viper: Evolved – New gear from Viper Tactical is available for 2015. Brace yourself for some great value!

Page 61 – Staff Shooters – An insight into the AiHQ Armoury and the specimens that lie within!

Page 66-71 – Tokyo Marui M320 – A new 40mm gas system turns the traditional MosCart on its head!

Page 74-75 – ASG Mk23 SOCOM – It’s a silent assassin that’s also great for winter use.

Page 76-79 – KTW Winchester 1873 – Spring powered and totally different to the norm.

Page 82-85 – G&P XM177E1 – A true classic in every sense of the word revisited for another evaluation.

Page 88-92 – Tried & Tested – In-depth insights into new gear and equipment from in and around the airsoft world.

Page 94-95 – Firing Point – Frenchie lets of a few round towards something that’s been on his mind each month.

Page 97-99 – Project-  Jay plays with the heavy tools and Project Pallas is really starting to form up.

Page 100-106 – Devil Is In The Details: art two of our guide to upgrading your recoil HK416 with a little help from ASG Ultimate.

Page 107 – French Letter – More musings from everyone’s favourite Scotsman, Frenchie!


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