Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 10 Issue 7

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Go Russian with Airsoft International Magazine Volume 10 Issue 7!

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Page 8-12 – Gallery – A great spread of action shots from around the world. – Send them to [email protected]

Page 14-15 – F&O The Towers – A brief report and a selection of images from the recoil-only event at The Towers

Page 16-17 – WE Airsoft Europe – They might be a new name on the scene but they have been making waves with their Nuprol range

Page 18-19 – Task Force Sparta – We catch up with a SEALs impressionist group based in Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar!

Page 22-23 – The integration of computer technology and firearms progresses and we take a look at an interesting app/mount combo called Inteliscope

Page 24-25 – Firepower – Since we have adopted a Russian theme this month, here’s a brief history of the AK

Page 28-35 – The Old Enemy – Thanks to Ian Stokes and friends, we bring you a guide to going Russian! It’s a welcome change!

Page 38-42 – Stocking Fillers! A heavenly host of great gifts and gadgets to fill your stocking this festive season!

Page 45 – Staff Shooters – The KISS Cannon! Sometimes bare-bones is best and with this gun, less is definitely more.

Page 48-50 – Custom AK – Mick Johnson has been tinkering again and this time he’s come up with a premium performer at a sensible price point.

Page 52-54 – Guns of 2014 – 12 of our favourite guns from the last year, from pistols to rifles these are all outstanding in their field.

Page 56-57 – UAR – APS Urban Assault Rifle. It’s a bit of an ugly duckling but in testing Frenchie warms to its quirks!

Page 58-60 –  Stark Arms S17 Match – A quality custom style CO2 pistol with some delightful extras included. Check it out now!

Page 62-64 – Tried & Tested – This month we have been putting the Helicon Direct Action DUST pack through its paces along with testing the new mesh eye-pro from Nuprol to destruction.

Page 68-69 – What’s the best gun? The age old question that will never be truly answered. It doesn’t stop us pondering the facts though!

Page 70-71 – Never Go Full Auto! – Frenchie mulls over the impact that losing full auto completely would have on how airsoft is played. Would it be better or worse?

Page 74-75 – Project Pallas – Jay’s custom gas gun is really coming together now. Check out the complex work he’s been up to this time round!

Page 77-80 – Pump Up The Jam! – A step by step guide to stripping down a recoil 416 and beefing up it’s power-plant!

Page 82-83 – Gripping Stuff – The humble foregrip is the subject of great contention. We take a look how it evolved through the ages.

Page 86 – French Letter – How your gun defines you! Do you choose your guns or does it choose you?


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