Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 10 Issue 6

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Will you survive the end of the world, if you do, what will you wear to do it in? Get some inspiration from Airsoft International Volume 10 Issue 6 and be a survivor!

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Page 8-12 – Gallery – A great spread of action shots from around the world, the best will win a Warrior DCS Plate Carrier! – Send them to [email protected]

Page 14-17 – Ai500 – The after action report comes at you in the wake of our big game at The Sandpit!

Page 18-19 – GEARS – A team all the way from Georgia USA with a great attitude towards our hobby!

Page 22-29 – ZOMBIE SURVIVOR! – We gear up to battle the walking dead in this month’s light-hearted KIT UP! feature. How will you survive?

Page 32-34 – Outer Limits: Tactical Training – If you are looking to take your airsoft experience further, why not look into some team training?

Page 38-42 – Internal Combustion! – We take a look at the line of upgrade and replacement parts available from ASG’s ULTIMATE line.

Page 45 – Staff Shooters – Gas Blaster! We’ve got hold of one of WE Airsoft Europe’s finest MSK rifles and it’s making a great impression!

Page 48-50 – STTS SENTINEL IV – Jd Airsoft and STTS have unleashed something different with this limited edition training weapon!

Page 52-54 – What’s it like to use a GBBR? – Lots of players say that a GBBR is the pinnacle or airsoft realism. Ben Lindsay sheds some light on the matter.

Page 56-57 – Breach Around! – TM has visited the chopshop with their M870. Is the breacher as good as its big brother?

Page 58-60 – TM M&P9 – It’s another release from TM, this one was a long time coming. Does it live up to the hype?

Page 62-64 – Tried and Tested – You should know by now that every month the Ai team use a whole host of kit. Check out what’s on test this month and read our essential verdict!

Page 68-69 –  Youtube! – Need to while away a few minutes on your lunch break? Feast your eyes on our top pick of 6 great youtube channels.

Page 70-71 – Firing Point – Covering Fire! – Are support guns really work the hassle? Frenchie mulls over the pros and cons of big weight vs big ammo capacity.

Page 74-75 – Workshop – Jay continues with his new WE GBBR M4-based project. Welcome to Project: Pallas

Page 77-82 – DitD – SHORT STROKE! – All you need to know to boost your trigger response and rate of fire with this techy technique!

Page 82-83 – Know Your Limits – Another back to the basics feature this month explaining why we use limits and how to test your gun!

Page 86 – French Letter – Reliable, Cheap and Quick. The triangle of service and why you can’t have all three at the same time.


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