Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 10 Issue 5 – Get into Airsoft!

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Get started in airsoft with the ultimate airsoft magazine. Everything you need to get kicking ass, all in one place!

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Page 8-12 – Gallery – A great spread of action shots from around the world, the best will win a Warrior DCS Plate Carrier! – Send them to [email protected]

Page 14 – Airsoft Expo – Find out about the newest all-airsoft, UK show later this year with our news update.

Page 16-17 – Serial 40 Report – It’s a little-known site but it’s a hidden gem. Dave Skinner gives us his verdict on a game run by EAG there.

Page 18-19 – MAC – Manx Airsoft Club tell all in this month’s Ready Room. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Page 22-29 – Get Started in Airsoft – We take things right back to the start with our guide to getting started in airsoft. Answers to those questions you were afraid to ask!

Page 32-33 – Outer Limits: Cos-Play – As much as we hate to admit it, many airsofters love a bit of dressing up. We take a look at some that have used this to further the good reputation of our hobby!

Page 34-35 – Semapo Gear NJPC– We focus on the Semapo Gear NJPC, ann amazing piece of replica equipment that brings a near unobtainable piece of kit to the marketplace.

Page 38-42 – Load Up! – Ferro Concepts – Perhaps Canada’s finest tactical nylon manufacturer has a healthy range of cutting edge gear. We take a look at a cross section.

Page 45 – Staff Shooters – The Twins – L119 fever has swept the community and it’s contagious. The Ai Armoury now features not one, but two custom recoil UKSF blasters!

Page 48-50 – ICS TRansform4 – ICS boast a lot with this new AEG and it certainly looks the part. Have they gone far enough to make it exciting though?

Page 52-54 – What’s it like to use a TW? – Training weapons are all the rage but we ask what they are like to use. Will they take your game up to the next level?

Page 56-57 – WE 888 AEG – It’s another 416-alike. What sets this AEG apart in a marketplace that’s getting rather crowded?

Page 58-60 – Real Airsoft, Real Players – This month we relaunch an old favourite “Local Loadouts” with a new spin. We find out what makes long-time player Robert tick in terms of gaming, guns and gear.

Page 62-64 – Tried and Tested – You should know by now that every month the Ai team use a whole host of kit. Check out what’s on test this month and read our essential verdict!

Page 68-69 –  Games! – When we can’t skirmish we love to do a bit of button bashing. Here’s 6 alternative games that aren’t CoD or Battlefield!

Page 70-71 – Firing Point – PerSec – Frenchie confronts the controversial subject of personal security and in particular, the obscuring of ones face in airsoft photos. Are you ashamed of your hobby or just security conscious?

Page 74-75 – Workshop – Jay continues with his new WE GBBR M4-based project. Welcome to Project: Pallas

Page 77-82 – DitD – BACK TO BASICS. Learn about the essential with our new strip-down guide. This month the AEG MP5.

Page 82-83 – Soldier Skills – Team Training. Jonathan uses his experience to advise us on the best way to train as a team. What should you be doing and what is a waste of everyone’s time?

Page 86 – French Letter – Reliable, Cheap and Quick. The triangle of service and why you can’t have all three at the same time.


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