Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 10 Issue 4 – LBX Marks The Spot

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Another Issue of Airsoft International absolutely jam-packed with badass guns and gear. Make sure you have this one in your collection!

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Page 8-12 – Gallery – A great spread of action shots from around the world, the best will win a Warrior DCS Plate Carrier! – Send them to [email protected]

Page 14 – Airsoft Expo – Find out about the newest all-airsoft, UK show later this year with our news update.

Page 16-17 – Ai500 – Viper’s Nest – The next big Ai game is scheduled in for August. Flip to page 16-17 to find out where and when, it’s gonna be epic!

Page 18-19 – CEXC – We made a bit of a premature start on CEXC last month, but it’s finally their turn to stand under the Ready Room spotlight!

Page 22-27 – X Marks the Spot! – Gear up with LBX Tactical, the airsoft centric offshoot of tactical giant, LBT.

Page 28-29 – UCAP Sandpit – We run a bit of a recce mission to the site that’s set to host this year’s Ai500. What’s the gaming down like in Dartford? Find out here.

Page 32-34 – Outer Limits: The Unexplored Extremes of Airsoft – What’s beyond airsoft skirmishing? This new features looks beyond the site boundaries to see what’s going on in the wider world of airsoft.

Page 38-42 – Load Up! – Military 1st and Airsoft Zone load us out with a selection of Flyye Industries pouches and packs, in Coyote Tan and hot-right-now AOR1!

Page 45 – Staff Shooters – Paul’s HK416 – After all these years, the boss though he was immune to the latest fads… That was until he picked up a TM HK416!

Page 48-50 – ASG CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 – It’s an all new AEG with ECU monitoring and a rugged build. ASG have hyped it up so we are expecting big things!

Page 52-54 – What’s it like to be a sniper? – We take to the field with a box fresh bootie from Airsoft World to let you what it’s like to be a sniper on the airsoft field.

Page 56-57 – Barrett Rec 7 – Frenchie’s seen more M4s than most have had hot dinners so what does he make of this no-nonsense, fully licensed Barrett Rec 7?


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