Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 12 Issue 2

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Airsoft International Magazine Volume 12 Issue 2 is out now! We are pleased to be the first magazine in the world to get hands on with the FFI 2016 Gen. 3 Marsoc Raider’s uniform in US Woodland and what a lovely set it is. We also introduce 2 new brands in the form of Lalo Tactical and First Tactical, catering for both the men and women of the tactical world. There’s all this and WAY more inside this epic issue!

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Contents – Volume 12 Issue 2

9 – On the Cover – Something swanky caught your eye? Don’t worry about searching high and low, we itemised all the best bits here!

12-17 – Ai500 Report – Plenty of pictures and an after action report from our epic game at UCAP – Sandpit at the end of May!

22-27 – KIT UP! – We take a closer look at Viper Tactical’s new Titanium line. Grey certainly looks to be taking the gear world by storm!

28-29 – Safe & Sound – Essential items for under £20 that should be in YOUR gear bag to keep you safe and sound at any airsoft game.

32-33 – Bangin’ Bucknall – Phil B. takes a look at some of the latest offerings from Enola Gaye and makes his game go off with a gang!

34-35 – Practise Makes Perfect – Jacob ponders the usefulness of practising fundamental drills and skills away from the skirmish field to improve your game.

36-37 – PTS Parts – Top new licensed parts and accessories for your weapon courtesy of PTS Syndicate.

40-42 – Tokyo Marui 416C Review – Marui take us all by surprise and unleash this pocket-rocket of a recoil featuring some interesting new tech.

46-47 – LALO Tactical Footwear – Designed by Tier 1 US Forces personnel and with a range to suit all activities, LALO are the brand to have on your feet this summer.

48-50 – Flash Force Industries – All new M81 US Woodland pattern uniforms for 2016, reviewed here and supplied by JK Army. Get your gear on!

52-55 – LCT M70 AB2 – Top level build quality and intricate detailing make this LCT replica a little bit special. Find out what you get for your money.

58-59 – Rail Loaded – Our Gearmonkey analyses what it is that makes us so obsessed with rails and the accessories we fit to them.

62-63 – SILENCE! – Nuprol unveil a new range of silencers boasting great quality and unbeatable pricing. Find the one to fit your gun here.

64 – Platatac ASAD Pouch – We try out HR4K.co.uk, test their online shop experience and come away with an innovative new dump pouch.

66-67 – Project: Imperium – Jay makes incremental progress on the mammoth task of building a Space Marine’s Bolt Gun as seen in Warhammer 40,000.

70-71 – Upgrade Your Game – It’s easy to spend all your money of guns and gear, but maybe we should all allocate a little more budget to seeing more of the airsoft world?

75-79 – Custom Glock Pt. 2 – We finish off building our custom RWA Agency Arms G17 Urban Combat Kit. Learn how in easy steps!

81-83 – First Tactical – A new brand from the creators of 5.11 Tactical, this time with a specific focus on gear for girls!

86 – Reader’s Letters – Have your say and send in your letters… Obviously you can email them in in this day and age!


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