Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 10 Issue 11

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10-12 – Gallery – Reader’s images from around the globe.

14 –  Friendly Fire – Enter your custom gun to win £500

16-19 – Viper: Evolved! More new gear from Viper Tactical

20-21 – News – What to look forward to in the world of airsoft.

24-25 – Ready Room – Another new team under the spotlight this month.

28-29 – Local Load Outs – Two load outs from different sides of the planet!

32-35 – Electric Eye – How have personal cameras influenced our beautiful game?

38-39 – Tac House Spartan – The Gun Ho team give us the low-down on this CQB site.

42-49 – Kit Up – PMC – We interview a genuine former PMC to find out how to pull off the look!

54-58 – Gear Zone – Get a solid footing with our pick of the best boots for any budget.

61 – Staff Shooters – TM/Guarder Glock 17, Benno’s oldest shooter gets a spin in the limelight.

66-69 – ICS G33 – Futuristic, well priced and perfect for any would-be CQB bandit!

72-77 – Plastic Fantastic – The lightweight, polymer-bodied BO Dynamics SHIELD Lt 5.95 on test.

78-79 – Frenchie’s ideal… GBB – This month Frenchie ponders what would make his ideal GBBR

82-85 – The Ugly Duckling – Socom Gear’s PLR-16 GBB is given a going over.

88-92 – Tried and Tested – Top gear given a working out by the Ai team. We try before you buy!

94-95 – Firing Point – Frenchie sticks his head above the parapet and gives us what for with this month’s rant.

97-99 – Workshop – Jay concludes Project Pallas and gives it a field test.

101-107 – Devil’s in the Details – 25 top tech tips that you need to know!

109 – French Letter – Another insight from north of the border from our favourite, shouty Scotsman!


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