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General Rules

Below are a set of our general rules to all our games.  When we arrange a new game sometimes the rules below are overridden by new rules for the particular site we are playing.  These will be put up in the game dropdown menu and will override the rules put here.

These will mainly relate to weapons that can be used, pyro limits, smoke etc.  Please read the game synopsis carefully to see any overriding rules that may take place for the next game weekend.

Rule Breaking

We have a 3 strike and you’re out system for rule breaking, please read the rules carefully, signing up for the game means you have read the rules and understand them correctly. No excuses for not knowing these will be considered.

  1. Break a rule and the marshals will point out your error and ask you not to do it again.
  2. Caught twice and you will be asked to go back to the safe zone and sit out the game for 30 minutes.
  3. 3rd strike and you’re out. No exceptions.

All our marshals carry radios and all have mobile devices with cameras on.  You will not get away with rule breaking so please don’t try.  Play the game fair and you will have a fantastic weekend.


Camo Rules


We have 2 teams, Tan and Green – you can wear


Tan Team – anything TAN – Multicam is classed as TAN you may also wear solid TAN. NO TRAINERS ALLOWED

Cartel Los Verdes/Green Team – anything GREEN (Black will be classed as GREEN) GREEN dominant Camouflage and solid GREEN mixed with BLACK are considered GREEN too.  Civilian clothing is also classed as Green.  NO TRAINERS ALLOWED

If you are not sure and have to ask then better to not wear it or go on the team that best fits your outfit.

We will have a marshal in the safezone at the beginning of the briefing each morning with green/yellow tape so if you feel you need taping then we will do this.


Rules, Medic Rules, Respawn and everything in between


  1. A bb hitting any part of your body or weapon is classed as a hit. This is a gentleman’s game players so please adhere to these rules, call yourself hit and then take the appropriate measures. Sometimes our rules are on a one hit back to respawn and sometimes we use armbands.  If one hit your back rule applies this is self explanatory, if we are using armbands below applies.
    1. 1st hit – Call hit loudly then wait for a team mate to come and remove your armband, wait for a count of 5 seconds before returning back into the game. Put your removed armband somewhere safe.
    2. 2nd hit – Call hit loudly put your hand up and walk back to your respawn point. Put your armband back on before you return to the playing field.

Dead players can be moved from the line of fire to be medic’d but please act responsibly and do not drag a player huge distances.  If you are that dead player and are in the line of fire please remove yourself to a safe position within a radius of 5 meters.

  1. Semi auto only or single shot firing  (this also applies to shot guns), this means there is a gap between each shot and if in play spamming a player is not acceptable, blind firing at any time or in any situation will also not be tolerated. Support weapons allowed in certain areas at full auto will have a minimum engagement range.
  2. Ammo limits are strictly 600 rounds per weapon (primary, pistol or shotgun).

300 rounds (designated marksman rifles),

150 rounds (single action/bolt action rifles),

1 full mag (support guns).

If you are seen taking ammo from one mag and putting it in another in game then this is classed as cheating and the appropriate measures will be taken.  Go back to the safe zone/respawn for all refilling.

  1. Smoke cannot always be used on sites so please see specific gaming rules on smoke in the game brief.
  2. Pyrotechnics rules can also change from game to game so again please read the rules in the game brief but as a general rule… most pyro can be used in game, all pyro should be thrown with CAUTION and not directly at any other player. Do not throw pyro over walls, barriers or any construction you cannot see what is on the other side.
  3. Reusable pyro when allowed can be used but are used at your own risk and if they get lost (which they inevitably do) then this is your problem. We always do a sweep of the site before we give it back but never find the amount people say have been lost so please keep this in mind. Non reusables are cheaper in the long run.
  4. All pyro and bb grenades have a 5 metre kill radius, pyro kills are instant and you cannot medic any player back in. You should return straight to respawn.
  5. Any form of Tag rounds cannot be used. MOSFETS are subject to specific game rules.
  6. Grenade launchers of any description are not permitted at any AI500 event.
  7. You can only shoot around barriers put their for cover, DO NOT shoot under them.
  8. Boundary tape is put there to protect something, please DO NOT shoot towards it.
  9. Pistol Game : All pistols/shotguns must be used on single shot (3 shot shotguns are OK).


Changes in Gameplay


If we decide that a change in gameplay needs to take place we will not do so until a break is called or in an emergency will call a cease fire, bring everyone back to the safezone and brief you ALL accordingly.


Eye Protection

We advise that ALL players use full face masks at all time. The use of shooting glasses or mesh goggles remains at the discretion of the user and the event organisers take no responsibility for any injuries or consequences of choosing to not use a full face mask. If at any time a member of staff deems your eye protection to be inadequate or unsafe, we reserve the right to refuse to allow you to continue play until an alternative is found.

Velocity Limits

We will not be Chronoing everyone when they arrive on site.  To do this we would need you all there at least 48 hours before the game starts to get through everyone.  Our rules are no different to most airsoft sites around the UK so your AEG’s should not be firing hot.  We have marshals that will be carrying Chrono’s for those that look like they may be firing hot weapons.  If we test you and that gun is hot then you will be asked to put it back in your car and not use it for the remainder of the weekend.  If we find you using it again you will be asked to leave the site and not return.

Maximum 350fps limit for ALL guns capable of semi automatic and/or fully automatic fire measured on a .20g BB.
Maximum 400fps limit for ALL guns capable of semi automatic fire measured on a .20g BB. (Designated Marksman’s Rifles)
Maximum 500fps limit for ALL guns capable only of single/bolt action fire measured with a .20g BB.
All guns over 350fps will be subject to a minimum engagement distance of 25m. Players found to be abusing this will be asked to leave the gaming area.

FPS Limits

pistol/shotgun and any full auto capable rifle
1.13 jls BB weight
FPS 0.20 0.25 0.28 0.30 0.36 0.40
350.00 312.00 295.50 285.50 260.60 247.25
Semi auto only DMR NO (HIGH CAP MAGS)
1.48 jls BB Weight
FPS 0.20 0.25 0.28 0.30 0.36 0.40 0.43 0.45
400.00 357.90 338.21 326.70 298.30 283.00 272.90 266.80
Bolt Action Sniper
2.31 jls BB Weight
FPS 0.20 0.25 0.28 0.30 0.36 0.40 0.43 0.45 0.50
500.00 447.20 422.50 408.20 372.60 353.50 341.00 333.30 316.20

General Conduct

  • Please act as you would wish to be treated at all times.
  • Airsoft is a game of honour, take your hits, medic as stated above and keep to the rules. Treat our marshals and other players with respect at all times and if you have any problems then speak directly to the marshals or a member of the management team.
  • Make sure all rubbish has been put in the skips provided.
  • Treat the portoloos with respect ie as you would if you were taking a dump in your grandma’s house!
  • We wish each team all the best and may the best team win.