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AI500 – The citadel 2022.


DEA Agents identified a highly fortified and strategically placed narcotics lab and weapons storage facility operated by the Los Verdes Cartel – A highly organised brutal paramilitary organisation that dominates the wholesale of illicit drugs and arms.

On the weekend of 2/3rd October 2021 armed with information that the Cartel were holding captive DEA agents placed undercover inside The Citadel and were planning to execute them live on satellite TV links the CT17 taskforce set up to seize and capture the Cartel were sent in to rescue the DEA agents and secure the unit any way they could.

They succeeded and at the end of the weekend they had secured not only the DEA agents but also the drugs being made on site and a large sum of money belonging to the Cartel.  Unfortunately most of the Cartel members got away with only a few casualties of war left behind.

After securing The Citadel, CT17 were told to booby trap the buildings with the drugs and money left inside and leave a skeleton crew to protect the facility from future attacks.  Naively they think the Cartel will not come back and have left with their tails firmly between their legs.

But the head of the Cartel is angry and wants revenge.  Undeterred by their catastrophic defeat the Cartel have hatched a plan to strike back at CT17 in a desperate attempt to take back their drugs and money, whist saving as much of the Citadel as possible.

The charges have been set, the transport inbound, on the weekend of 9/10 April 2022 it will be down to you to make a difference. Will the members of the Cartel be able to defuse the demo charges and prevent their drugs and money being removed to a secret secure location or will CT17 be able to complete their mission and destroy what is left of The Citadel.

Welcome to the Ai500 Zero Hour






Where – The Citadel, Dover, CT17 9DP, Kent

When – 9/10th April 2022.  Booking in opens on 8th April @ 3.00 PM

Games will run from 09.30 on each day starting with a safety/game brief, Saturday will finish around 5.00 PM with a raffle immediately after.  Sunday will continue and play will finish at 3.00 PM to allow players enough time to pack up and head home.

Unless it’s an emergency, once on-site you will not be able to leave until the end of play.

Gates will be opened at the end of gameplay on both days for those staying off-site or wanting to leave to get food.  Gates will be closed at 21.00 PM Friday and Saturday night.


A strict itinerary will be given to each player closer to the game weekend.  These will be strictly adhered to by us and we would expect every player to attend them.

The safety briefing on Saturday morning is mandatory so please make sure you are on time for this.  If you are late then you will not be able to play on that day until one of the marshals has time to come and give you the briefing which might not be until the Sunday morning so please make sure you are on time.

This is to not only make sure you get the best out the weekend but also to keep us accountable to.

In the unlikely event of any of the times being changed not only will our marshals let as many people know as possible but we will also put the time change up on our facebook team pages so please make sure your notifications are on for the weekend. 


We have 2 teams battling it out and they have traditionally worn Tan and Green.


CT17 are the ‘Cartel  Taskforce 17  and are to wear anything Tan – Multicam is also classed as TAN.

The Cartel Los Verdes are to wear Green – Black and civilian clothing will also be classed as Green.

No Team will be allowed to wear GREY of any sort


Ticket prices are £95.00 per player, this includes camping on site for those that wish to take it up.

Returning players from the last AI500 at The Citadel in October 2021 will receive a £10.00 discount, this will automatically come off the balance you will be required to pay IN CASH on the day you book in on-site.


Bookings can only be made via this website and spaces cannot be booked by any other means.

Only single bookings will be accepted.  If one person has booked 2 tickets then one of them will automatically be refunded.  You can book a ticket for another player but it will need to be in their name with their email address attached to it so confirmations can be sent out directly to them.

Booking is only available via Paypal but you can use card payment methods through this system. A £45 NON-REFUNDABLE/NON TRANSFERABLE DEPOSIT will be required. Please note there is a £1.73 paypal fee added to this amount when you book in. You will receive a payment confirmation from Paypal, which will be your receipt of payment.

A further confirmation will then be sent from our Admin team with a questionnaire you will need to fill in and return.

Please make sure that the email address tied into your Paypal account is your correct email address as this will be used to confirm your space and provide all further information building up to the event.

The balance will be collected in cash on the day you book into the event.  You will not be able to access the site unless you have booked in and pay your balance.

Refunds for deposits will only be considered if the teams are full and a waiting list has been activated.


Yes, we have a list!  Unfortunately, there are some players that are not welcome at our events.  Most of you will know who you are and not book in.  If however, a name does appear on the booking list that is on our list you will receive an email from us and a refund will be given.


In line with the Governments current guidelines and continued forward motion towards business and individuals learning to trade and live with COVID there will be no refunds given relating to COVID reasons.  Our normal cancellation policies will be applied.

We would still encourage you to test in advance before attending events and follow Government COVID guidelines at all times.


There will be covered space for sleeping along with a camping area for tents or you are welcome to sleep off-site in the many hotels and B&B’s around the area.

The covered space is limited and will need to be booked, once space is filled you will have to find alternative sleeping arrangements so please fill out the form you receive once you have booked asap so we can be aware of numbers.

Camping will be available but please be aware The Citadel is on the side of the Cliffs at Dover facing the English Channel and it gets extremely windy.   Tents will need to be able to cope in this kind of environment and be secured extremely well.  At the last game we lost nearly all the tents that were camping due to really extreme weather and although we hope this does not happen again if you are camping you will need to be aware of it and come prepared.

Camping space is also limited so please make sure you fill in your questionnaire as soon as you receive it and send it back to confirm you have camping space.

We have the right to refuse camping to those that have not requested space so please fill in your forms and send back asap.  It is a first come first served system.


There will be limited parking inside where the camping and covered space is.  Unlike last time where we asked people to book space this time we will be doing it on a first come first served basis.  Once parked inside the Citadel you WILL NOT be able to leave so please make sure you bring everything you need for a weekend of skirmishing as unless you walk you will not be able to get your car back out.

Due to height and width restrictions no Motorhomes or Caravans will be able to park inside the Citadel and because of residents’ concerns will not be able to camp outside the main gates.  Anyone wishing to attend with Motorhomes or Caravans would be advised to take advantage of the many camping sites around the area.

Large vans will also not be able to stay on site so please bare this in mind if you are bringing one and staying on site, you will need to park it outside the Citadel main gates in the designated car park.

There is plenty of parking outside the main gate for those that do not secure a parking space inside or for those that are staying off site, but please be mindful of the residents around the vicinity especially when arriving and leaving.


Camping is an open field in the safe zone of the Citadel.  As stated above it is on a very windy spot at the top of the cliffs at Dover so please bring a tent that is designed for inclement weather.  There are no facilities here so please bare this in mind if this is the option you wish to take.

No open fires will be allowed in the camping area but BBQs and small stoves will be allowed as long as they are raised off the grassland.  Any throw-away BBQs should be completely out before being put in any skips.

There is no running water or electricity on site so bear this in mind when packing.

There is building space that we are allowing sleeping in but please bring your own bedding and beds as no facilities will be provided.


When you arrive at the event ALL Players will be required to sign in and pay in FULL (CASH ONLY). You will also have been sent and be required to sign disclaimer forms, one for our insurance and another for the site owners. (A number of documents will be available at the sign-in desk on the day, but because of COVID please bring your own copy signed if at all possible.)

Once you have booked in and handed in the necessary paperwork you will be issued with a game patch – this item must be visible at all times (ESPECIALLY WHEN GAINING ACCESS TO THE SITE AND SLEEPING AREA) if you do not have this item then you will not be allowed into the site so please keep it safe as there will only be one available per player.

If you lose your patch another can be purchased for £5.00.



The rules in our section on this website marked rules are the rules that stand for all our AI500 games so please read them carefully.  The rules below are extra or override the rules on our website and are specifically for this site, game so please make yourselves aware of them as we do have a 3 strike rule for rule breaking and not having read the rules is not an excuse to break any of them.


  • No smoke is to be used on this site.
  • Pyro will be limited to 3 units per respawn. This means any one player can only carry a maximum of 3 pyro per respawn.  If you run out of pyro and have not been killed but want to return to respawn to stock up then this is your prerogative but you are choosing to take yourself out of play.  Marshalls will be monitoring this and will ask anyone with more than 3 pyro on them to return to respawn.
  • Pyro limited to MK4 anywhere on site. This includes reusable pyro (at the last game TLFSX made us some MK5 pyro but with a special bang in them so they were not MK5 levels, if we can get these again we will but they will only be sold on site by Ammo Drop, these will be sold at a reasonable price as per our last game). Otherwise please stick to MK4.
  • Maximum Mk4 Flashbangs and below including thermobaric and .209 primers for reusable pyro can only be used on site.
  • All barriers, fencing and prison fencing should be classed as a hard surface and not fired through.
  • Biodegradable BBs can ONLY be used at this site.
  • DMR’s limited to 300 round can only be used outside the buildings and not inside.
  • No support weapons of any description can be used on this site.
  • No Sniper Rifles can be used on this site.
  • There will be dead zones at the entrances of the buildings marked with tape. You cannot camp in these but have to move through them.  These will be monitored by marshals and are there to create movement through the buildings to avoid bottlenecks.
  • Boundary tape is put in position to protect something, please DO NOT shoot towards it or investigate these areas.  They have been shut off for a reason.
  • No shooting out of windows or up at the windows from the outside.  The owner has stressed that the buildings are being renovated and any broken windows will have to be replaced by the players that broke them so no shooting out of them or towards them.  All windows will be shut so please do not open them.  Windows should therefore be treated as a hard surface.

These rules will be updated regularly from now until game day so please come back and check them from time to time so you are up to date for a weekend of safe gaming.


If we decide that a change in gameplay is needed then we will do so but only when there is a break or in an emergency when a ceasefire has been called.  We will then gather you all together and announce the changes to everyone.


We advise that ALL players use full face masks at all time. The use of shooting glasses or mesh goggles remains at the discretion of the user and the event organisers take no responsibility for any injuries or consequences of choosing to not use a full face mask. 

If at any time a member of staff deems your eye protection to be inadequate or unsafe, we reserve the right to refuse to allow you to continue play until an alternative is found.

Ear protection is advised for all players especially in buildings.  The echo in there is immense and although we have dropped the flashbang db in the buildings it will still be loud.


Maximum 350fps limit for ALL guns capable of semi-automatic and/or fully automatic fire measured on a .20g BB.  SINGLE SHOT FIRING ONLY ALLOWED FOR THE GAMES ENTIRETY.

Maximum 400fps limit for ALL guns capable of semi-automatic fire measured on a .20g BB. (Designated Marksman’s Rifles).  SINGLE SHOT FIRING ONLY ALLOWED FOR THE GAMES ENTIRETY.

Sniper rifles of any description are not permitted for this event



pistol/shotgun and any full-auto capable rifle (single shot only)
1.13 jls BB weight
FPS 0.20 0.25 0.28 0.30 0.36 0.40
350.00 312.00 295.50 285.50 260.60 247.25
Single shot only DMR NO (HIGH CAP MAGS)
1.48 jls BB Weight
FPS 0.20 0.25 0.28 0.30 0.36 0.40 0.43 0.45
400.00 357.90 338.21 326.70 298.30 283.00 272.90 266.80


We will not be chronoing every player on site.  To do this we would need you all to turn up 48 hours before to get everyone done.  Our rules are no different from most of the other sites in the UK where limits are 350fps, check your weapon before you arrive on site, if its over then either sort it out or leave it at home.  We will have marshals clearly marked with chrono signs on them so if you wish your weapon be checked then please speak directly to them.   If you have concerns about a player then please speak directly to one of the marshals and they will check the weapon in question.


We have a 3 strikes and you’re out system for rule-breaking, please read the rules carefully as stating that you did not see them is not an excuse.

  1. Break a rule and the marshals will point out your error and ask you not to do it again.
  2. Caught twice and you will be asked to go back to the safe zone and sit out the game for 30 minutes.
  3. 3rd strike and you’re out. No exceptions.

All our marshals carry radios and all have mobile devices with cameras on.  You will not get away with rule-breaking so please do not try.

Airsoft is a game of honour, take your hits, medic as stated and play the game fair and you will have a fantastic weekend.

Treat our marshals and other players with respect at all times and if you have any problems then speak directly to a member of the management team.



On-site facilities are limited.

  • There is no running water or toilets on site for you to use in any of the buildings.
  • Portable toilets will be provided but please bring your own toilet paper. Please treat these with respect, there will be a lot of people using them so treat them like you would at home.
  • If you are camping on site then please bring your own camping gear.
  • There will be skips provided for you to put your rubbish in. PLEASE USE THEM.
  • A food van of some description will be provided for food and drinks whilst on site.
  • Our main Airsoft Retailer will be Ammo Drop. They will be supplying a full range of Airsoft gear including BB’s, pyro, and much more.  If there is anything specific you require or prices then please contact them directly.
  • There will be other retailers on site, we will let you know who they are in due course.



If you wished to play at this game but did not get a space then PLEASE email [email protected] to be put on a waiting list.  Last year due to COVID and restrictions in different countries everyone on the list was offered a space to play at the weekend so it is well worth joining it.  Also because it is one player per booking I did refund a lot of spaces which were given to those on the waiting list.

When you email please provide your name, email address and which team you wish to be placed on.  It will be done in order of emails received so send your email off asap to be at the top of the list.


The following contacts should be used as required.

Game details or Rules : [email protected]

Booking in info : [email protected]

All information will be put on the 2 teams Facebook pages, if you have not already joined your team page then please do.  If you do not have access to Facebook then please let us know on the information page sent to you so we can inform you of any changes.


Official AI500 Cartel Los Verdes – Green Team

Official AI500 Cartel Taskforce 17 (CT17) – Tan Team