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Nobody expected what would unfold following the events that preceded World War III, but the world as we once knew it is gone.

Some good has come from such a devastating outcome though. The world is at peace for the first time. Gone are the days of power struggles over resources, land or dominance. Defence budgets have been scrapped, with some instead siphoned towards research, with particle acceleration doing away with the need for nuclear power.

The global peacekeeping force (GPF) put together after the war have done a great job in keeping the peace in a very difficult time, especially when hunger and poverty were the main obstacles after the war with countries used to famine now feeding the globe.

However, peace does not always prevail. Deep in the Welsh countryside, a band of rebels have been gaining followers, spouting propaganda that has warped the minds of many, housing them in the remains of a once functional nuclear testing facility, which the Rebels’ have been working on making functional once more.

Shrouded by post-war radar blocking technology, the GPF were unaware such a facility still existed, until a recent radio broadcast was intercepted.

“The time has come comrades, soon arrives a new age… the revolution will see the world turn green with envy…”

Welcome to the AI500 – Time Crisis!


Festival Park Shopping Centre, Ebbw Vale, NP23 8FP


29th/30th April 2023

Gates open on 28th April 2023 at 15.00 for registration and for those staying on site.


There will be 150 tickets per side, 150 Tan team tickets, 150 Green team tickets.

100 tickets per side will go on sale on 24th February @ 20.00 hours. These are available for returning players of the last AI500 at the Wheatsheaf shopping Centre only.

The remaining 50 tickets per side will be available to ALL players new and old and will go on sale on Monday 27th February at 20.00pm.


This is a weekend game and the price includes play on Saturday and Sunday and camping on site and parking.

Price £95.00 per person

There is a £10.00 discount for those that played the LAST AI500 at The Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre in Rochdale. The discount will be shown on your confirmation email and taken off the final price. All other attendees will pay full price.


The booking cells will be open on 24th February at 20.00pm for those that attended the last AI500 game at The Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre in Rochdale. The deposit is £45.00 + administration fee of £1.75.



Arrival/Car Parking/Camping

On arrival you will be asked to register and pay your balance in CASH, (we have no facility for card payments on site but if you would prefer to pay in full before arrival then please contact the organisers directly).

Your waivers need to be handed in when booking in, there will be 2, one for our purposes and one for the site owners.

Once registration and payment has been taken you will be directed to the car park.

For those camping on site please note that camping is on HARD STANDING ground only. Due to this, tents will need to be tied off to cars where necessary.

Camper Vans, Caravans, Vans are all allowed and if you prefer to sleep in your car then this is allowed too.

There are toilets on site in the main building.

There are no showers available or water on site.

There is NO inside camping at this site.

Friday 28th April 2023

Gates open at 15.00. Registration, camping area and parking for those wanting to book in will all be open along with the on site shop and chrono station.

We advise ALL players to register and chrono on Friday.

Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th April.

Gates will open from 07.30 for those that need to register. Please arrive as early as possible if you still need to register and chrono as once the game has started you will not be able to join play until this has been done.

Gates will close promptly as 09.00am and no one will be allowed on site after this time as the main road leading to the car park will be in play.

Camo Rules

Green Team – Rebels : Green dominant Camo. Green blocked colours or black, civilian clothing can also be worn on the green team.
All players will be expected to wear full eye protection and sturdy boots, no trainers allowed.

Tan Team – Global Peacekeeping Force : Tan dominant camo, tan blocked colours or MTP/Multicam.
All players will be expected to wear full eye protection and sturdy boots, no trainers allowed.


The gates will be closed at on Friday and Saturday night. On Friday night you will NOT be able to book in after this time.

They will then open at 07.30am Saturday and Sunday mornings and will be closed at 09.00am sharp. You will not be able to gain access after this time so PLEASE BE PROMPT.

Food/Drink/Alcohol and everything in between

A food vendor will be on site from Friday evening providing breakfast, lunch and dinner.

There is no water on site so please bring enough drinks to see you through the weekend. One of the biggest problems is always hydration so please make sure you all have enough to drink.

NO OPEN FIRES on site, camping stoves can be used but not directly on the ground.

We would ask that all attendees act with consideration and common sense with regards to alcohol. Anyone under the influence of alcohol during game play will be removed from the site immediately during gaming periods. Outside of the stated gaming periods we will treat you as adults and expect you to behave as such. Please show proper levels of consideration to other players and to neighbours of the site.

In the event that any AI500 attendees are found or reported to be using illegal drugs or are under the influence of drugs, including marijuana, they will be asked to leave the site immediately and subject to the extent of the law.


It is important for you to understand that all AI500 attendees are guests on the site and it is the responsibility of each and every player to ensure that waste and rubbish is managed effectively.

We will provide a skip for the disposal of household rubbish but please be aware that airsoft rubbish including any bb’s, AEG parts and pyro should not be placed in the skip but taken home to dispose of by yourselves.

All areas will be checked before gates are open so to speed up everyone’s departure we would appreciate your co-operation in depositing all rubbish in the skips provided.

In Game Play


The briefing will start at 9.30 prompt.

Any players that are not in the briefing area at that time will be held back in the car park.

Once the briefing is over and the game starts those that did not attend the briefing will be briefed separately and join the game later. (please note that this will be when the staff have time so it is advisable NOT to be late). This applies on both Saturday and Sunday morning.


All guns will need chrono’ing before they are allowed in the gaming area. We suggest you only bring a max of 3 and only get those you intend to play with chrono’ed.

Guns will be chrono’d on .20, .25, .28 and .30, please make sure you get in the right queue for the ammo you will be using to speed up the process.

The chrono area will be open from 3.30pm on Friday and Saturday morning. Any guns not chrono’ed will not be available for you to use in game.


These will be available to your team commanders and sub commanders in the run up to the game.

It is their responsibility to then brief their sub teams on what you should be doing in game.

If there is anything you DO NOT understand then please speak to them directly.

We will be using Discord in game to feed information to the commanders and sub commanders so whenever you are in your CP’s please use this time for updates and mission objectives.

Please Note
This game will have a night game played on Saturday evening. It will be against the clock and times will be strictly adhered to to allow us to complete it on time i.e before 21.00. Please look out for more information on this once your place has been booked.


Due to the close quarters nature of the site, we advise that ALL players use full face masks at all time. The use of shooting glasses or mesh goggles remains at the discretion of the user and the event organisers take no responsibility for any injuries or consequences of choosing to not use a full face mask. If at any time a member of staff deems your eye protection to be inadequate or unsafe, we reserve the right to refuse to allow you to continue play until an alternative is found.

Ear protection is highly advised in the buildings. A lot of the buildings you are playing in where cells and the echo in there is very high. We have reduced the level of decibels in the grenades that can be used but it will still be load in some of the rooms.


Primary/Secondary Weapons/Handguns

Maximum 350fps limit for ALL guns, fire measured on a .20g BB.

Ammo limits are 600 rounds per respawn. These can be carried in magazine sizes of your choice (but in weapon appropriate magazines i.e no drum mags on AEG’s/Pistols) but not lose as in game reloading is NOT allowed.

Once you have used uo your 600 rounds you will need to go back to your CP/respawn to reload your magazines/shotshells.

SINGLE SHOT ONLY IN THE SHOPPING COMPOUND. Single shot means there is a break in between each shot taken, anyone caught spamming their trigger will be immediately asked to stop. If you continue and not abide by the rules you will be asked to go back to the safe zone.
We will also not be allowing Binary triggers to counter the above.

Outside the compound you have the ability to use full auto. YOU CANNOT fire into the shopping centre under any circumstances and this will be marked clearly. Please do not use full auto to hose people down, this should be used for suppress fire only.


If this rule is continuously broken outside the compound then a site wide single shot only rule will be enforced.

Support Guns

Support guns and LMG positions will play a big part in this event outside the compound. The rules listed below apply to support guns and positions only. Only true, recognised support rifles are permitted to be used in the positions i.e M249, M60 ect. NO M4’s WITH DRUM MAGS OR SIMILAR ARE CLASSED AS SUPPORT RIFLES.

1. Support gunners can only be used in the positions highlighted on the map and only when a support gun case is in position.
2. Each support position can be used by multiple players with support guns only.
3. Support gunners are only allowed 1 box mag per gun and are required to reload back at their designated CP only.
4. Either team can capture as many of the support positions they want to, but must have a support gunner and the support gun case in position to class as a capture, NO PLAYERS WITH NORMAL AEG’s ARE PERMITTED IN THE SUPPORT GUN POSITIONS.
5. Support gunners are just like any other player and are expected to follow the rules as per normal AEG’s with regards to using full auto and not hosing down individual players.

Support Positions.

1. Support positions marked on the map are the only locations permitted to use a support gun. Any player seen using his support gun outside of the support gun position will be sent back to respawn.
2. A support gun position is only captured when either team has a SUPPORT GUN CASE in place.
3. Support positions can be attacked and medic rules apply, 1 grenade kills all the occupants. The position is then again ready to recapture.



These can be used in the outside areas only and not directly in the shopping compound.

Sniper fps limit is 500 on .20bb or the equivalent on the weight the player chooses to use.

DMR fps limit is 400 on .20bb or the equivalent on the weight the player chooses to use.

DMR’s to be used on single shot firing only.

Minimum engagement distances apply to both of 30m or 100ft.

Both weapons should be used appropriately and not as a primary weapon.


Pyro can be used but an MK 4 limit is in place. Reusable pyro should of the equivalent. .209 Primers will also be allowed in BFG’s.

Only 5 pyro per player can be carried at one time.

Pyro rules are as follows
1. Pyro has a 5m kill-radius in large rooms or outdoors and eliminates any smaller room immediately. Pyro kills are INSTANT kills and it is not possible to medic a player who has been killed by pyro. If you are awaiting a medic and pyro goes off in your radius, count it as a second kill and return to respawn.
2. Pyro that eject pellets do not need to physically hit a player in order to eliminate them.
3. No hard or reusable pyro should be deployed by any other method than “posting” through a doorway onto an area that the player can draw a line of sight to.
4. ALL pyro must be deployed UNDERARM at all times.
5. Once deployed, players should not interrupt the flow of play to retrieve reusable pyro and instead must wait until they move past the position in order to retrieve their device (bear in mind that if deployed in a small room ALL occupants should be eliminated so there’s no excuse not to move through yourself). Marshals are not in place to retrieve devices and will not fetch a deployed grenade for you in order for you to reload it and deploy it. 

6. If, as a player, you happen across a deployed, reusable grenade simply move it to the side of the room out of the main thoroughfare.
7. Players will be allowed to return to the gaming areas at break times in order to collect devices not already picked up.
Shower Moscarts can be used but only in outside areas. Under NO circumstances should these be deployed in ANY of the building rooms i.e shops. This also includes shooting into or out of them.



One hit and back to respawn rule applies to this game.

If a player is hit clearly announce “HIT” place your hand in the air and then return to your respawn/CP.

All hits must be taken, please give players and yourself the benefit of the doubt. If you think you have been hit then simply call yourself out. If you have hit someone else and they are refusing there hit then please call a marshal.

We consider not taking hits cheating and will ask you to leave if this is consistently happening though out game play. Play fair at all times and respect one another.


As part of the game there will be medic cases out on site for each team. Once these have been found they can be taken back to the CP. Each case will have an audible number of arm bands in that can then be used as a 2nd life.

Players with armband.

When a player is first hit players must announce they are “HIT” and may verbally call for a “MEDIC”. Any player can be a medic, they are to approach you and attach your armband to your left arm signifying that one life is lost. You can then commence fighting.

If a medic cannot get to you a player will therefore bleed out and have to return to their respawn immediately. There is no second life available if you bleed out. Bleed out waiting time is 5 minutes.

On your 2nd “HIT” you will announce again that you have been “HIT” place your hand in the air and then return to your respawn.

Once at respawn take off your armband and return it to your pocket and then you can rejoin the fight.

All hits must be taken, please give players and yourself the benefit of the doubt. If you think you have been hit then simply call yourself out. If you have hit someone else and they are refusing there hit then please call a marshal.

We consider not taking hits cheating and will ask you to leave if this is consistently happening though out game play. Play fair at all times and respect one another.


In the confines of a CQB environment, it is likely that you will take a hit in a doorway or corridor. As such you will present yourself as an obstruction in these environments if you simply stand in place therefore we encourage players to seek SENSIBLE refuge from BB fire without moving into an advantageous position. For example should you take a hit in a door way, move back into the room you are defending and sit or kneel in a corner with your weapon on the ground or slung.

Likewise, it is entirely likely you will be hit on a stairway or within a corridor. In these instances please exercise sensibility and sit or kneel to one side without obstructing other players. If you feel you cannot do this, you should feel entitled to move out of the firing line to wait for a medic. LIVE PLAYERS OR PLAYERS ATTEMPTING TO MEDIC MUST SHOULD NOT DRAG OR PULL HIT PLAYERS AROUND. Hit players should move a sensible and fair distance outside of the firing line so as not to obstruct play. We do not advise any attendees run at speed during gaming.


Doors that are open need to be left open and door that are closed need to stay closed, we will lock these where possible.
No exceptions

General Conduct

Whilst on site please remember that your conduct may be under the scrutiny of other players at all times and your actions and conduct may be considered representative of the wider airsoft community. Please act with due discretion and respect for the site and its staff and all attendees at all times.


There is restricted power at the site. I would suggest you all come with charged batteries and spare where possible. Car chargers are very handy if anyone has them. We will not be bringing any chargers though so if you have batteries that tend to need recharging bring your own equipment.


Ammo Drop will be at site for all your usual requirements along with Thatch Reed and Lonestar Tactical.

Filming/photography etc
We will have our own photographer as per usual on site. He will be wearing high vis so please do not shoot at him or near him.

There are no restrictions on personal filming or taking pictures but no responsibility for your equipment is taken by the organisers. If you bring it and break it – tough!