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AI500 – Operation Flashpoint.



Where – The Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre, Rochdale, OL16 1JZ (entrance off New Baille Street with Marks & Spencer car park opposite)

When – 1/2 October 2022.  Booking in opens on 30th September @ 3.00PM

Games will run from 09.30 on each day starting with a safety/game brief, Saturday will finish around 5.00PM.  Sunday will continue and play will finish at around 5.00PM.

Unless it’s an emergency, once on site you will not be able to leave until end of play.

Gates will be opened at the end of gameplay on both days for those staying off site or wanting to leave to get food.  Gates will be closed at 22.00PM Friday and Saturday night.



We have 2 teams battling it out Tan and Green.

Tan – Any Solid tan colour or tan variant camo. Multicam is also classed as TAN.

Green – Any solid green colour or green variant camo. Black is also classed as Green. No Multicam to be worn on green team.

Please note – Camo rules apply to your base clothing (trousers/top). Your tactical items can be any colour but please be sensible, if you get shot by your own team because you have overdone it on their colour then you are still out!

No Team will be allowed to wear GREY of any sort


Ticket prices are £95.00 per player.

Returning players from the last AI500 at The Citadel in April 2022 will receive a £10.00 discount, this will automatically come off the balance you will be required to pay IN CASH on the day you book in on site.


Bookings can only be made via this website and spaces cannot be booked by any other means.

Only single bookings will be accepted.

Booking is only available via Paypal but you can use card payment methods through this system. A £45 NON-REFUNDABLE/NON TRANSFERABLE DEPOSIT will be required. There is a booking fee (paypal fee) attached to this. You will receive a payment confirmation from Paypal, which will be your receipt of payment.

A further confirmation will then be sent from our Admin team to confirm your booking and if any other information needs sending it will come to you via email.

Please make sure that the email address tied into your Paypal account is your correct email address as this will be used to confirm your space and provide all further information building up to the event.

The balance will be collected in cash on the day you book into the event.  You will not be able to access the site unless you have booked in and payed your balance.


Yes we have a list!  Unfortunately there are some players that are not welcome at our events.  Most of you will know who you are and not book in.  If however a name does appear on the booking list that is on our list you will receive an email from us and a refund will be given.


There will be covered space for sleeping with 80 spaces (40 for each team) or you are welcome to sleep off site in the many hotels, B&B’s or camping sites around the area.  Once booking has opened and spaces have been filled I will then open another booking page for you to book your sleeping space, 40 per team.  There will be a £10.00 charge for this + the paypal booking fee.  The £10.00 charge will come off the balance due on the day when you register and pay your balance.


There are limited parking spaces inside the shopping centre 150 in total.  Once booking has opened and spaces have been filled I will then open another booking page for you to book your parking space.  There will be a £10.00 charge for this + the paypal booking fee.  The £10.00 charge will come off the balance due on the day when you register and pay your balance.  Once this space has been booked you will be emailed a parking permit which you will need to print off and display in your car window.  If you do not have this the marshals will not let you gain access so please make sure you have this.



When you arrive at the event ALL Players will be required to register and pay in FULL (CASH ONLY). You will also have been sent and be required to sign disclaimer forms, one for our insurance and another for the site owners. (A number of documents will be available at the sign in desk on the day, but to speed things along please bring your own copy if at all possible.)

Once you have booked in and handed in the necessary paperwork you will be issued with a game patch – this item must be visible at all times (ESPECIALLY WHEN GAINING ACCESS TO THE SITE AND SLEEPING AREA) if you do not have this item then you will not be allowed into the site so please keep it safe as there will only be one available per player.

If you lose your patch another can be purchased for £5.00.


The game is being held in the centre of Rochdale and there are a number of food outlets and bars for you to enjoy.  Please remember to bring civilian clothing if you intend to leave site.




  • A BB making contact with ANY part of your body or weapon is classed as a hit. Please adhere to these rules, call your hits and then respectfully take the appropriate measures.
  • Each player will be supplied with one medic armband.
  • 1st hit – Call “HIT!!” loudly and put your hand up. Walk back to your respawn point for respawning before you re-enter the playing field.
  • Single shot firing at all times. This applies to all your weapons and sidearms  Blind firing at any time or in any situation will also not be tolerated.
  • Ammo limits are strictly capped at 600 rounds per weapon.
  • BB’s limited to .28 or under – no exceptions.
  • 300 rounds for DMR (designated marksman rifles) These can only be used outside of shops and need to be limited to 350fps.
  • No Sniper rifles or support weapons to be used.
  • HPA’s are allowed as long as they are under the FPS and BB weight restrictions. There will be no facilities provided for these though so please bring what you need.
  • Shotguns are allowed – single and tri shot as long as they conform to the FPS and BB weight restrictions.
  • No binary triggers allowed.
  • No remote detonators.
  • Any player/s found to be abusing ANY of the ammo capacity or FPS rules will be classed as cheating and the appropriate measures will be taken.
  • Always go back to the safe zone or respawn point for re arming.
  • You can only carry ammo in magazines – lose ammo is strictly forbidden.
  • Low cap, mid cap and high cap magazine are all permitted.
  • Spring loaded claymores are allowed but have to be in your field of view to detonate. Everyone in a 3 metre vicinity (friend or foe) of the blast site will be classed as hit.
  • You may only shoot around barriers that have been placed for cover, DO NOT shoot under them, over them or through them.

Boundary tape is put in position to protect something, please DO NOT shoot towards it or investigate these areas.  They have been shut off for a reason.


If we decide that a change in gameplay is needed then we will do so but only when there is a break or in an emergency when a ceasefire has been called.  We will then gather you all together and announce the changes to everyone.



We advise that ALL players use full face masks at all time. The use of shooting glasses or mesh goggles remains at the discretion of the user and the event organisers take no responsibility for any injuries or consequences of choosing to not use a full face mask. 

If at any time a member of staff deems your eye protection to be inadequate or unsafe, we reserve the right to refuse to allow you to continue play until an alternative is found.


Maximum 350fps limit for ALL guns capable of semi automatic and/or fully automatic fire measured on a .20g BB.  SINGLE SHOT FIRING ONLY ALLOWED FOR THE GAMES ENTIRETY.

Maximum 350fps limit for ALL guns capable of semi automatic fire measured on a .20g BB. (Designated Marksman’s Rifles).  SINGLE SHOT FIRING ONLY ALLOWED FOR THE GAMES ENTIRETY.

Sniper rifles of any description are not permitted for this event



I have left these charts in for you but maximum BB weight is .28 so ignore anything after this!


pistol/shotgun and any full auto capable rifle
1.13 jls BB weight
FPS 0.20 0.25 0.28 0.30 0.36 0.40
  350.00 312.00 295.50 285.50 260.60 247.25
Semi auto only DMR NO (HIGH CAP MAGS)
1.48 jls BB Weight
FPS 0.20 0.25 0.28 0.30 0.36 0.40 0.43 0.45
  400.00 357.90 338.21 326.70 298.30 283.00 272.90 266.80
Bolt Action Sniper (not allowed for this game)  
2.31 jls BB Weight  
FPS 0.20 0.25 0.28 0.30 0.36 0.40 0.43 0.45 0.50  
  500.00 447.20 422.50 408.20 372.60 353.50 341.00 333.30 316.20  



We have a 3 strikes and you’re out system for rule breaking, please read the rules carefully as stating that you did not see them is not an excuse.

  1. Break a rule and the marshals will point out your error and ask you not to do it again.
  2. Caught twice and you will be asked to go back to the safe zone and sit out the game for 30 minutes.
  3. 3rd strike and you’re out. No exceptions.

All our marshals carry radios and all have mobile devices with cameras on.  You will not get away with rule breaking so please do not try.


Our marshals are there for your safety.  They are not there to be shouted at, abused at all or for you to take your frustrations out on.  They are not only there to spot hit taking and general rule breaking but to keep the game running smoothly and sometimes they have to listen to their radio through difficult noisy situations so please bear this in mind if you have any issues.


Airsoft is a game of honour, take your hits, medic as stated and play the game fair and you will have a fantastic weekend.

Treat our marshals and other players with respect at all times and if you have any problems then speak directly to a member of the management team.



On site facilities are limited.

  • There are toilets on site, you will need toilet roll and please treat these with respect, if you make a mess, clean it up. It is not for marshals to clean up after you.
  • If you are camping on site you will need to bring something to sleep on and a sleeping bag.
  • There is no making food or drinks inside the camping area. The fire alarms and smoke detectors cannot be turned off so none allowed.
  • There will be skips provided for you to put your rubbish in. PLEASE USE THEM.
  • The catering we had at the last AI500 is attending and will be outside for you to get food and drinks.
  • Our main Airsoft Retailer will be Ammo Drop. They will be supplying a full range of Airsoft gear including BB’s and much more.  If there is anything specific you require or prices then please contact them directly.




The following contacts should be used as required.

Game details or Rules : [email protected]

Booking in info : [email protected]

All information will be put on the 2 team facebook pages, if you have not already joined your team page then please do.  If you do not have access to facebook then please let us now on the information page sent to you so we can inform you of any changes.


Official AI500 Green Team

Official AI500 Tan Team