Plate and Gun


SEAL Team 6, DEVGRU, Act of Valor, Zero Dark Thirty, Lone Survivor. These few words and phrases have been rattling around the mainstream media for a while now and even your average bloke on the street now seems to know exactly who the US Navy SEALs are. Of course, as airsofters, SEALs have been the subject of adoration for a long time. A multi-skilled, multi-talented taskforce capable of taking on and defeating all-comers and deploying from the sea, the land or the air with equal prowess. Ever since the war in Vietnam, the image of the SEAL has been one military enthusiasts have been keen to recreate and it’s fair to say that there are more than a couple of fans here on the Ai team…

Plate and Gun

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As one of the fastest growing hobbies/sports in the UK, until now Airsoft has never had its own dedicated exhibition. Airsoft Expo is a new show created to meet this demand for the whole Airsoft Community. The inaugural Expo will be taking place on the 20th & 21st September and plans for this show are well underway.

Organisers, Meridienne Exhibition, are looking forward to presenting a full show in the newly extended Warwickshire Exhibition Centre. This venue offers 2,280m2 / 24,545 sq ft or indoor space to be used exclusively for Airsoft Expo. The Expo will feature trade stands including distributors, manufacturers and retailers as well as gaming and demonstration areas, airsoft sites and the magazines that support the hobby all in one place.

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Airsoft International Volume 10 Issue 1 on sale NOW!

Picture 2Airsoft International Volume 10 Issue 1 is on sale in both paper and digital formats NOW. Marking a full ten years in the business, this issue is dedicated to the operator with a great photoshoot featuring some tier one kit inside. There’s more than just pretty pictures though, read on to find out more about this epic issue.

Buy this issue online right now! Just click here to go to

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