rotary vacuum pump overview  


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rotary vacuum pump overview

The equipment used to generate low-pressure space is called "vacuum pump", which can be generally divided into two types: the former is used to pump 1 atmospheric pressure of gas to a lower pressure, and the latter is used to pump the gas with lower pressure to lower pressure.

There are many types of front stage pumps. In terms of vacuum technology, the performance of the front stage pump is generally required to be:

1. It can pump the gas pressure in a specified container from atmospheric pressure (760 Torr) to about 10-3 Torr;

2. When the pressure is about 1 Torr, the pumping rate is comparable to its maximum pumping rate, that is, it will not fall too much.

Only the rotary vacuum pump can satisfy the two conditions at the same time. In a broad sense, rotating vacuum pump is to use mechanical rotor to expand space to obtain low pressure stock. Generally, it can be divided into rotary vane type, fixed piece type, slide valve type, centrifugal type and straw shoe type (roots pump). However, in general laboratories or industrial units requiring high vacuum, the first two are most commonly used.