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Building Wealth in a Recession ECommerce Articles | November 22 Cheap Eric Dickerson Jersey , 2008

Many experts are claiming that building wealth in a recession can be done with internet marketing. They go further and say that it is a recession proof business. How can they say that?

Internet marketing is one of the best ways to build wealth in a recession.

There's a lot of that sort of talk on the ether waves at the moment. Doesn't it make you wonder why some people are saying these things? And on what basis can they claim it is a recession proof business? This article examines the validity of these claims.

The first concept to grasp is that commerce doesn't stop because there is a recession. The world keeps moving on. In the Depression of 1930 73% of the workforce still had some sort of employment.

You see, here's the thing. A recession is a slowing down of the economy, not a complete standstill. And the world always comes out of a recession. A recession should be seen as a stutter in the process Cheap Greg Gaines Jersey , a correction if you like. A necessary correction. It is needed to adjust for the unsustainable excesses of some individuals who unfortunately hold a great deal of influence. However, this is not an article of castigation. The main point for you to grasp is that a recession does not last. This gives you hope for the future.

The next point may be a little harder to understand. It directly addresses the role of home based internet marketing and how building wealth in a recession is possible. The field of internet marketing is new and by its very nature it creates its own micro economic world, which Cheap Bobby Evans Jersey , is largely untouched by what is happening around it.

Let's explain it this way. One hundred and fifty years ago many small communities sprung up all across the land. A farmer settled on some fertile land, with water nearby and an ideal climate. Soon he was self sustainable and other farmers came and settled nearby. Then there was need of a hardware store, a doctor Cheap David Long Jersey , a vet etc. Next, there was a need for buildings which meant a need for draftsmen, carpenters and the law. The growing community was its own micro economy and at this stage of their development Cheap Darrell Henderson Jersey , were quite independent of any central government and global economic woes.

This is what it is like within today's internet marketing community. Largely they are independent of the national or global economy. Many entrepreneurs want to join them from all over the world. Now there is a demand for information and services. It is a self-sustaining and ever expanding micro economy. It also means that existing online marketers have a vested interest in the success of each new member.

Ever expanding? Yes, new internet users from around the globe are joining by the millions. With such numbers, there is a demand for knowledge and more sophisticated communication technology. Knowledge Cheap Taylor Rapp Jersey , already at a premium will be in even greater demand. And all this is taking place totally independent of a global economy in recession.

So what is the effect of all this on you as an internet marketer?

You should at least position yourself so that you can profit when the economy picks up. You should also be positioning yourself for the increasing demand for information and services as thousands of displaced workers from the brick and mortar world seek to take advantage of the new opportunities.

Even those who haven't been affected yet, should be serious about developing multiple income streams. Driven by uncertainty and vulnerability they will be clamouring at the economic door of home based internet marketing. Indeed, they would be unwise not to.

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