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New from Tokyo Marui – Recoil SCAR-H

Thanks to Japanese website, Hyperdouraku we get a preview of the new line-up from Tokyo Marui, which includes an update to not only their recoil line of guns, but another addition to their exceptional line of gas pistols…

Check out the 2 SCAR-H variants below:

TM Recce Rifles

TM Steyr AUG Hi-Cycles

TM Colt 1911 variants


2 thoughts on “New from Tokyo Marui – Recoil SCAR-H

  1. Looks like a sweet set of guns. I especially like the 1911s and SCARs. Now i just need to make sure i save enough money to purchase on of these sweet guns…

  2. I can not read the digital version as it appears there are 2or 3 pages overlaying each other.


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