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Catch up with us this summer!

This summer will be without a doubt, one of the busiest ever here at Ai and you’ll be able to catch up with us at a number of events around the country. The first event you can catch us is just weeks away, where the Tour of Duty season kicks off in spectacular fashion, with Operation: Junction City at Reinden Woods down in Kent.

Next up is the exciting Ai 5-Man Team event hosted by Urban Assault at RAF Upwood. Not only will you have the chance to pit your team against others, but you could make off with prizes worth in excess of £1500 if you win. Even if you don’t, the generous event sponsors have provided prizes for second and runners-up places, and at the very least, you’ll go home with a goodie bag just for taking part.

After this and throughout summer, there will be further themed, weekend events, and you’ll also be able to meet us at both the Airsoft Arms Fair on the 20/21st May, and War & Peace on the 21-24th of July.

If you are attending any of these events, make sure you are wearing your Ai patches, as we will be on the lookout and handing out some on-the-spot prizes! Check below for a list of dates, and keep any eye on this very page for more information.

  • 26/27th March – TOD: Vietnam Game 1 – Reinden Woods, Kent
  • 2nd April – Ai 5-Man Competition – Urban Assault, RAF Upwood
  • 7/8th May – TOD: WWII Game – Free Fire Zone, Bulby Woods
  • 20/21st May – Airsoft Arms Fair
  • 8-10th July – TOD: Vietnam Game 2 – Free Fire Zone, Bulby Woods
  • 21-24th July – War & Peace 

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